About TheCargoSite

The entire organization is focused towards customer satisfaction.

TheCargosite is a global leading logistics provider that provides innovative supply chain solutions worldwide. The Cargo Site provides its customers with time and cost-optimized services for general cargo, FCL as well as LCL. As a leader in the air freight and ocean freight market, The Cargo Site is one of the world's top freight forwarding providers. We understand logistics and supply chain better and aim to ensure the flow of goods continues seamlessly and supply chains stay lean and optimized for success. Our business holds top positions in technology, consumer goods, trade fair logistics, special transports, and custom house agents.

We remain committed to operate to our mantra of "customer centricity" and look forward to setting higher benchmarks for ourselves.

Our Mission

To bring the entire process of International trade on the fingertips of our users. To simplify, get transparency, get efficiency. To make things easier and better currently logistics costs accounts for more than 13% of our GDP as compared to 8% in the developed world. We aim to bring down this cost by organizing the market and making things easier and better. This is our way of contributing to building a great nation, India.

Our Vision

Logistics happens to be one of the most painful things to deal with for both importers and exporters. There is no way of knowing whether the pricing received from the service providers is reasonable. There is no transparency in terms of charges that are to be levied by the service providers, be it the Shipping lines, the Container Freight Stations, the Customs Broker or the transporters.

There is no visibility over the time frames. Delays can spring out of nowhere and it's very difficult to predict or control such delays.

Service levels vary due to the huge number of unorganized players. This effects the experience of the importer/exporter adversely.

The supply chain is made up of different entities and is frequently fractured. For example, in an import shipment there is the involvement of an overseas agent, freight forwarder, customs broker, transporter etc.

We aim to simplify this and provide our customers with a seamless experience.